Monday, June 16, 2008

"Arg, Matey!"

We took another trip down to Monterey for Jon's birthday. Sabrina has a thing for large fake people, so here we are.

As close as we got

We're pretty sure they don't let bicycles along the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, so this is as close as we got this trip.

Biking West Cliff Drive

We biked from Natural Bridges to the Santa Cruz Wharf and back on the lovely (if too popular) West Cliff Drive pathway. Not bad for a pregnant lady.

What's left of Natural Bridges

They are down to one natural bridge in the Natural Brides State Park, Santa Cruz. Still a lovely spot for a stroll.

Cherry Tree

We got a special tour of the Heritage Orchards in San Jose with the Orchard gardener--just the four of us. She answered all our questions as we tromped through it and even handed us cherries from the trees. Yum!

Anyone for a game of Monopoly?

We challenge anyone who comes to visit us to a game in the park.

Walking the Walk

We headed out one early Saturday along the Guadalupe River Trail in downtown San Jose. A great idea that appears to have had good funding that ran short of maintenance. We still enjoyed the Monopoly board, Carousel, Heritage Rose Garden and Orchard, and being out in the city.

The Touch Pool

The Monterey Aquarium. We got to pet sea stars, sea cucumbers and (Jon's favorite) bat rays!


I could watch these guys all day.