Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family Camping

We've been called adventurous, but it takes a certain kind of adventure-lover to take young kids on a camping trip. We didn't exactly rough it (are those air mattresses and a pack 'n play in that tent?) and our amazing friends did most of the meal and gear prep, but I still think it is a more-work-than-play experience. That being said, I think we're going back for more this fall!

Family Hike at Picchetti Ranch

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Italy Trip 2010 Part VI

We arrived in Venice on the sleeper train at about 5:30am. It is before the cruise ships arrive and the locals awake. It truly earns its name at that hour. "La Serenissima"

Italy Trip 2010 Part V

We did just about all of Rome in a day and a half and our feet were killing us! We loved our roof-access hotel (View of Rome). What a view! Does throwing a coin in the fountain guarantee a speedy return to all cities of Italy or just Rome?

Italy Trip 2010 Part IV - More Florence

It rained off and on for most of our time in Florence, but it was easy to dodge the drops by ducking into a church or museum until the rain cloud had passed by. We even got to bike through Florence -- a fun sort of near-death experience.

Italy Trip 2010 Part IV

We got up early one morning and visited Pisa, Lucca and Siena and still made it to Florence in time for a spectacular sunset. We also met up with our dear old friends who were living in Firenze for an evening of great company and amazing food.

Italy Trip 2010 Part III - Cinque Terre

We stayed in a wonderful little farmhouse apt in Levanto (Erba Persa). Our first full day in Cinque Terre, we hiked the breathtaking path from Levanto all the way to Corniglia (14 kilometers; both the red and blue trails) and had the best picnic of my life with the region's bounty while overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Italy Trip 2010 Part II - Costa

We stayed overnight with my family in my ancestral village of Costa. It was chilly in those stone houses, but just wonderful being there.

Italy Trip 2010 Part II

We toured a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese factory (with tastings!). The whole thing was free and just for us. I recommend it to anyone going to the area of Parma. Just contact the cheese consorzio directly to set up a tour.

My cousin Beatrice took us on a tour of Torrechiara (castle) and the city of Parma.

Italy Trip 2010 Part I

It almost didn't happen. That Iceland volcano blew just 10 days before our departure. It cost us London (boo-hoo), but we still got to go to Italy. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa B, our girls were in good hands and we made it a sort of second honeymoon.

Part I of the trip is Bellagio and lake country gardens and villas.

Superdad at the Zoo

Easter 2010

We made it through candy-free and still had a great time!

March CT Trip

We scored first class on the way there (it's the only way to fly), had fun cousin time, played brain games and did the weather report at the new Hartford Science Center and had a great time.