Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Belly shot at NASA

7 1/2 months.

Another Flight Simulator

This is an actual cockpit of a passenger jet with computer screens for windows. It really gives you the sensation of flying--even without the vertical motion turned on.

Sabrina in the pilot's seat

When Paige and Brian came to visit, we toured NASA and got to play with some pretty fun flight simulators. Hey--isn't that where Schwarzenegger sat?

Jon Meets the Terminator

OK, so he's officially the governor of California, but he'll always be the Terminator to me. It was on state business that Schwarzenegger dropped by Jonathan's work (He was there to thank them for lending a UAV in the firefighting effort). In this picture he is sitting at probably the smallest flight simulator at NASA. Jonathan's desk is just over his left shoulder. And yes, Jon got to meet him.